I was born and raised just up the hill from Canyon Park, and put down roots in the Queensgate neighborhood where I bought a home in 2005. That same home is where I still live along with my wife and elementary aged kids.

I never saw myself running for office, but when the city acquired the Wayne Property, I wanted to be involved in the conversation about what to do with it, so I joined the Parks Board. I then represented the Parks Board on the Capital Facilities Planning Committee, and was encouraged to run for City Council by community leaders including the former Deputy Mayor, Davina Duerr. In January 2022, I was elected Mayor by my peers on the City Council.

Since joining the City Council in 2020, I have served on many local boards and committees including the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Executive Board and Growth Management Policy Board, Eastside Transportation Partnership, and the WSDOT executive advisory group for the 405/167 corridor.  Land use and transportation are at the heart of the biggest issues we face as a city, and they have been my focus in regional involvement.

Serving Bothell has been an honor I didn’t expect but am dearly appreciative of.


  • Helped to secure Bothell’s first ever federal grant in the amount of $19 million for the Bothell-Everett Highway
  • Secured $20 million in state and county grants to support a crisis care center – the first of its kind in our region
  • Lead expansion of RADAR, housed in Bothell, which now helps bridge the gap between law enforcement and behavioral health
  • Pedestrianized Main Street to support local businesses and create community spaces
    Launched Summer Nights in Bothell with concerts, art, and cultural events to create gathering spaces, build community, and draw visitors to Bothell
  • Tripled our Human Services funding and returned our Center for Human Services after a long absence to make sure we’re caring for our community members with the most need.